Service Redesign

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In addition to training and developing the ACP community, Kids’ Health Matters also contributes to paediatric service redesign and improved models of children’s health care across the UK.  Check out some of our case studies to see how we make things happen.

"Katie inspired us all to look at this new way of working, to look at a new way of nursing practice at this advanced level."
Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner
Salford Health Matters

Salford Children's Community Partnership

The Salford Children’s Community Partnership provided a general practice-based alternative to A&E through advanced paediatric nurse practitioners (APNPs) providing high-quality care for children with common acute conditions in the community. This project aimed to reduce paediatric short stay hospital admissions by providing enhanced illness assessment and management within general practice. Children were referred to a community clinic from any of five local GP practices if they met the ‘acutely unwell child’ inclusion criteria. Assessment and treatment was initiated by APNPs as an alternative to hospital-based care.

Evidence from their evaluation showed that satisfaction scores on a nationally validated assessment tool (GPAQ survey) were almost double the national benchmark scores for service quality in general practice. It also resulted in a 38% reduction in the total spend on paediatric acute admissions in the participating practices (unpublished data from Salford Children’s Community Partnership).

Health Education England

Kids' Health Matters is involved in establishing the national curriculum for paediatric and neonatal advanced clinical practice. They are bringing together stakeholders from Higher Education Institutes, NHS leadership, and the managers and clinicians on the ground to establish how the education, training and career development of these multi-professional roles will look.

More to come soon. Watch this space!