Assessing Clinical Practice Using Practice-based Assessments

Advanced clinical practitioners (ACPs) spend a majority of their time in clinical practice (hence the name)!  In fact when defining the role of an ACP, Health Education England named Clinical Practice as Pillar 1. Therefore, it’s important that we have the tools to assess this clinical practice during training and beyond.  To guide learning, evidence achievements and highlight areas that require additional support, we use a combination of four different practice based assessments (PBAs) to evaluate the clinical practice of our ACP trainees.  For mentors and supervisors, these tools provide some structure for clinical teaching and feedback and for the trainee, developing, or established ACP, they can be used as evidence of clinical competence for their portfolio.  Each one focuses on a different aspect of clinical practice: communication, procedures, clinical decision making and the overall clinical encounter.

Check out our four PBAs and download the forms you can use in your practice by clicking the buttons below. Or keep reading to find out more about all of the PBAs.

Our trainees use these PBAs to meet requirements for university modules, but anyone can use them to get structured feedback on their practice or to have hard evidence of your abilities to place in a professional portfolio. 

Chances are you’re getting constant informal feedback from colleagues and patients that you use to inform your practice.  PBAs are just one way you can formalise this feedback.  Feel free to use them to help improve your practice and evidence your capabilities.