Case-based Discussion (CbD)

This workplace-based assessment is for you if you want to take an in-depth look at your clinical decision-making skills.  This should be a discussion around a case of a patient that you have cared for.  The discussion will focus on questions such as ‘How did you manage the patient?’ or ‘What was your rationale for the decisions that you made?’  The assessor is trying to examine your clinical judgement.

Areas the CbD Evaluates

The CbD has 7 areas that the assessor will be evaluating on a 6-point scale (1 being below expectations and 6 above expectations) It will look at:

  1. Medical record keeping
  2. Clinical assessment
  3. Investigation and referral
  4. Treatment
  5. Follow-up and future planning
  6. Professionalism
  7. Overall clinical judgement

Our form is developed for use with trainee ACPs therefore our benchmark for ‘Meets Expectations’ may be different than if you are currently a practising ACP. Be sure you and your assessor are clear on what the expectation is for your current level of practice.

Examples of cases where a CbD might be useful

Ambulatory Paediatrics: Lymphadenitis, constipation, wheezy babies, reflux, rashes

Acute Paediatrics: Acute asthma, diabetic ketoacidosis, seizures, strangulated hernia

Acute Neonatal: Hypoglycaemia, Respiratory Distress Syndrome, pulmonary haemorrhage

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