ADVANCE your career with our online education and training

We want to bring specialised training to anyone with a passion to improve care for infants, children, young people and their families/carers.  To do this we developed an online learning platform called Advance.  We aspire for it to be a shared educational experience across all health and social care disciplines and geographic borders.  

With Advance, training sessions that used to be delivered as a one off can now be recorded, webcasted and re-watched at the learner’s convenience.  No more missing out on opportunities because of changing rotas, night shifts, or kids that are unwell.

Flipping the classroom is possible for anyone with the use of Advance.  It’s easy to create pre-learning content that users can watch before going to any session.

Advance is currently delivering training in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University.  By using this online platform, topics that cross over between doctors and advanced clinical practitioners can be shared, increasing the amount of content for the trainee while decreasing the workload on busy clinicians delivering this content

Masters Advanced Clinical Practice

We’re working with partner universities to integrate our women and children’s expertise into their recognised programmes of advanced practice (maybe even one close to you!).  KHM takes the lead on teaching and assessing the specialised clinical aspects of the programme while the university handles the research, education, leadership and management aspects.  Together, we can create bespoke programmes that can teach small cohorts of dedicated, specialised professionals.  Check out the video below for more:

 Along with our partner Liverpool John Moores University, we currently have 4 advanced clinical practice routes. To learn more about our programme, check John Moores’ website out. 

Advance powers all of our clinical teaching.  With the online platform, trainees can access all sessions anytime, anywhere.  It also enable us to use a flipped classroom delivery model.  See more about our flipped classroom here.

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Continuing Professional Development


Having a hard time finding continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities specific to advanced practice?  Well, we are too!  We want to do something about that.

Kids’ Health Matters is developing a range of paediatric and neonatal CPD learning units for professionals interested in refining and developing their ACP knowledge.

Though these CPD learning units will be online, you still have a chance to chat with fellow ACPs and to webcast with experts in their fields to increase your understanding and confidence in a wide variety of topics.  Talk about a flexible and beneficial way to fulfil your professional CPD requirements!