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    Raging Against Coronavirus Today I am raging against coronavirus; getting super cross doesn’t (actually) make me feel any better.  Counting my blessings makes me feel better; you are one of my (MANY) blessings.  Smiling makes me feel better; the KHM team and this video makes me smile.  I feel better.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay safe, take care of yourselves and… read more

  • Governance Framework for Advanced Paediatric and Neonatal Practice

    Kids’ Health Matters is pleased to announce the launch of a Governance Framework for Advanced Clinical Practice: Paediatrics and Neonates, written in collaboration with Improving Me (the Cheshire and Merseyside Women’s and Children’s Service Partnership.) This document has been more than a year in the crafting and is designed to support and structure the incredible new workforce in various stages… read more

  • Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS)

    This workplace-based assessment is for you if you want structured teaching and feedback on a particular skill.  This is probably the WBA you are already most familiar with as it is widely used by medics.  The range of skills you can assess using a DOPS is endless.  You can use it in any type of case – elective, scheduled, urgent,… read more

  • Communication Observation Tool (COT)

    Communication is at the foundation of everything we do as health care professionals.  To be honest, it’s the key to everything as humans full stop.  So, it’s important we take the time to look at how we interact with others in the clinical environment.  This workplace-based assessment is for you if you want structured teaching and feedback on your communication… read more

  • Case-based Discussion (CbD)

    This workplace-based assessment is for you if you want to take an in-depth look at your clinical decision-making skills.  This should be a discussion around a case of a patient that you have cared for.  The discussion will focus on questions such as ‘How did you manage the patient?’ or ‘What was your rationale for the decisions that you made?’ … read more

  • Mini Clinical Examination Exercise (mini-CEX)

    This workplace-based assessment is for you if you need an assessment or observation of your interactions with either a patient or a fellow medical professional in a clinical setting. This is meant to be a quick 15-20 minute assessment. Areas the Mini-CEX Evaluates The mini-CEX has 7 areas that the assessor will be evaluating on a 6 point scale (1… read more

  • Assessing Clinical Practice Using Practice-based Assessments

    Advanced clinical practitioners (ACPs) spend a majority of their time in clinical practice (hence the name)!  In fact when defining the role of an ACP, Health Education England named Clinical Practice as Pillar 1. Therefore, it’s important that we have the tools to assess this clinical practice during training and beyond.  To guide learning, evidence achievements and highlight areas that… read more

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